Medieval Witches’ Description of the Devil’s Genitals


Here we have an excerpt from the book Demonolatry, composed by Nicholas Remy, a fanatical hunter during the golden age of witch burnings. He was one of the leading authorities in France during the 16th Century. The number of people he had burnt at the stake is unknown (it is estimated at around 900) and in this book alone he cites over a hundred cases.

Understand this is not the work of a delusional lunatic. He was fanatical, but he believed absolutely in the power of Satan and the existence of witches and witchcraft. This book eventually replaced the Malleus Maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches), the 13th century handbook of the Inquisition) as the best source on sniffing out Satanism.

Nicholas Remy

Along the way he would question those he eventually had executed and very often they would “admit” having sexual congress with the beast, and then go on to describe the Devil’s penis ….with hilarious results.

“All female witches maintain that the so-called genital organs of their Demons are so huge and so excessively rigid that they cannot be admitted without the greatest pain. Alexee Drigie reported that her Demon’s penis, even when only half in erection, was as long as some kitchen utensils, which she pointed to as she spoke; and that there were neither testicles nor scrotum attached to it. Claude Fellet said she had often felt it like a spindle swollen to an immense size so that it could be not contained by even the most capacious woman without great pain. This agrees with the complaint of Nicole Morele that, after such miserable copulatons, she always had to go straight to bed as if she had been tired out by some long and violent agitation. Didatia of Miremont also said that, although she had many years’ experience o men, she was always so stretched by the huge swollen member of her demon that the sheets were drenched with blood. And nearly all witches protest that it is wholly against their will that they are embraced by Demons, but that it is useless for them to resist.”


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