Unspeakably Violent Jack

     Here’s a little cartoon from my college days, never printed anywhere and only circulated around my close circle of friends for fun. But as I was rooting around through my old stuff, I discovered it once again and decided to share the hilarity.

          The character Unspeakably Violent Jack is based on my many doodles during pre-req classes in my first few years of college, which I spun into what turned out to be a limited series. All of the other characters (except for the mailman and Santa Claus) are parodies of my friends.

          I never intended to be an artist, these are done on cheap scrap paper and inked with ball point pens. So if you want to tell me that they’re terribly drawn and amateurish, well I know and don’t care.

          Enjoy and Caveat Emptor.


For more fun try books by Rex Hurst


img-713125638-0001 (1)


img-713130056-0001 (3)

For more fun try books by Rex Hurst

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