Anti-Syphilis Propaganda from WWII

Not that there was pro-syphilis propaganda during WWII, most military historians will tell you the number one killer of men during wartime was disease. The diseases attacked in these posters, syphilis and gonorrhea, were not life threatening in terms of the length of a war, but they were one of the top reasons men would be less than fighting ready and treating infected men ate up a lot of medical resources.

Also, let’s not forget that penicillin, the most effective and permanent cure for syphilis and gonorrhea, would not be discovered until 1947. Many who caught the diseases would still suffer from death in its tertiary stage, even if the mercury treatment worked. Prior to 1947, the most effective treatment was to induce malaria into the patient, which would burn out the syphilis germs, and then treat the malaria with quinine. That still could have long lasting ill effects.

Thus, it was in the interest of the War Department to prevent syphilis from spreading. However, how do you do that with a mobile army of horny 18 year old men? First, by making sure condoms were cheap and plentiful. Secondly, by constantly bombarding the troops with shock-and-awe posters about the dangers of banging a whore.

As you will see, some are simplistic catch phrase level material, designed to make a lasting impression in an idiot’s brain. Some of them are more comprehensive posters listing all the horrors syphilis and gonorrhea will do to a penis.

Enjoy and Caveat Emptor. For more fun try Books by Rex Hurst


For more fun try Books by Rex Hurst

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