Spiff Blasthandy: Behind the Screen

Preview for my new novella. Amazon link is here Hope you enjoy. Spiff Blasthandy- Visual Glossary Phentari Cizerack 1 The Phentrai wriggled on the ground, its four tentacles flapping piteously, mandibles clacking in fear. “What about my rights?” it said in a hideous whine. “What about your wrongs?” came the gravel voice reply. A red button blossomed … More Spiff Blasthandy: Behind the Screen

Red Nightmare: Some Good Old Fashioned Bad Propaganda

  This was commissioned by the Department of Defense Directorate of Armed Forces Information and Education, whose primary duties were producing training films, but also moonlighted with propaganda shorts to inspire the nation. They began mass producing these during World War II. Once that conflict was over, they turned gears and churned them out, attacking … More Red Nightmare: Some Good Old Fashioned Bad Propaganda