The Incestual Activities of Caligula

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, aka “Caligula”, which translates from Latin as “Little Boots” was the third emperor of Rome, succeeding Tiberius, who was emperor during the time of Jesus Christ. Perhaps one of the greatest train wrecks of the Roman Empire, Caligula lasted only five years before being assassinated. Thus proving that it’s not … More The Incestual Activities of Caligula

11th Century Crusade Against Homosexuality

The following excerpt is from Pietro Damiani’s Book of Gomorrah (1048) which is mostly a writing denouncing the vices of the clergy, homosexuality being among the foremost. Damiani was a zealot for monastic and clerical reform and introduced a more severe discipline, including the practice of self-flagellation, into the house, which, under his rule, quickly … More 11th Century Crusade Against Homosexuality

A Woman Describes Sex with the Devil- 1662 Witchcraft Trial.

Isobel Gowdie was a Scottish woman who confessed to witchcraft during the Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1661- 1662. The confessions include details of charms and rhymes, claims she was a member of a coven in the service of the Devil, and that she met with the fairy queen and king. Apart from her confessions … More A Woman Describes Sex with the Devil- 1662 Witchcraft Trial.

The Wizard of Gore: A Classic Name for a Bad Film

Truly a horrible piece of cinematic film. The purpose of it is in the title. Splatter gore about the place as a cheap thrill. This was part of the cheap-o drive-in circuit, the old time equivalent of direct-to-video market. Make something cheap, toss it out, there’ll be some return on the investment. The plot is … More The Wizard of Gore: A Classic Name for a Bad Film

Pope Alexander IV’s Smutty Story -True Tale

Franciscan monk Salimbene de Adam’s Cronica covered the years 1167–1287 and the people he met in his travels about the courts of Europe. In it he describes everyday life vividly and gives unrivalled detail into internal disputes in the Franciscan order at the time, which include many lusty, prank filled, violent episodes of life in … More Pope Alexander IV’s Smutty Story -True Tale